The 22nd Yahrtzeit (Anniversary of passing) of
3 Tammuz, 5776 | July 9, 2016

Twenty two years after the Rebbe's passing, his presence is felt stronger than ever. His teachings continue to inspire and guide us, and his insights remain as fresh and relevant as if they were given today. Each of us is a beneficiary of the Rebbe's inspiration in one way or another, and our lives are affected by his visionary leadership.

In honor of the anniversary of his passing (July 9th), let's gather together to celebrate the Rebbe's vision. Let's honor his life's mission to bring goodness and kindness into this world. Let's do one more mitzvah, one more good deed, to make this world a better place.

This Sunday, July 10, join us for a special brunch at 11:00 am. We will have an opportunity for Torah (study), Tefilah (prayer) and Tzedakah (charity) to commemorate his legacy.

Torah: A special discussion on the Rebbe's world-view, with practical application to our daily lives, infused with meaningful tidbits and stories.
Tefilah: Tefilin (men), L'chayims and a special short prayer for the well-being of the Jewish people
Tzedakah: pledge a gift of charity, either in person or monetarily, to a special cause.

All while enjoying a delicious kosher brunch.

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Sponsored by and a project of Chabad of Sunrise, in merit of a complete and speedy recovery for:
Tzvi ben Toiba
Yaakov ben Sylvia
Yosef Yitzchok ben Brocha
Menucha Zelda bas Shoshana Bracha and
Dovid ben Esther.


Rabbi Dov Ber and Devora Leah Thaler