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Passover dates for this year: Monday evening, April 22 - Tuesday night, April 30

Seder Table

Before Passover:
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 Visit our Passover Megasite to learn more! (
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Order Matzah online.
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Give Ma'ot Chittim - "Wheat Money": Click here for details.

In the weeks preceding Passover, it's customary to assist needy families by providing them with funds for their various Holiday expenses and purchases.

(We have a fund that we will distribute to the needy. You can give through our "donate" page. Make sure to put in the notes that it is for the Matza fund.)


Bedikas Chometz.jpgBurning the Chometz

1. Sell your Chametz for Passover
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2. Search for Chametz

3. Burn your Chametz

3. And More...


Seder Table (125x125)

Reserve you seat at the community Passover Seder today! Space is limited, so don't delay.
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On Passover:

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1. Join our community Seder on the first night. Click here for details.

2. Visit our Passover Mega Site to learn more! (

3. Join us at the conclusion of Passover for a very special celebration: Moshiach's Seuda - Meal of Moshiach. Click here for details.